Rob Lowe Shares His 'Concern' with Weight Loss Injections: 'What’s the Plan for Longevity?' (Exclusive)

The actor spoke to PEOPLE about the importance of “lifestyle” changes and how he’s focusing on improving his overall health ahead of his 60th birthday

<p>Emma McIntyre/Getty Images</p> Rob Lowe

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe is joining the conversation surrounding popular weight loss aids.

The 9-1-1: Lone Star star, 59, recently spoke to PEOPLE about some of the health goals he’s hoping to reach ahead of his 60th birthday next month.

Stressing his commitment to overall health and wellness, the actor shares his concern with people relying on weight loss drugs, referring to medications like Ozempic, an FDA-approved prescription medication for people with type 2 diabetes.

It's one of the brand names for semaglutide — also known as Wegovy — which works in the brain to impact satiety, and is the latest Hollywood weight loss trend.

“I see people who are taking all the new weight loss drugs and that's great, and it's really changed their lives. But my concern always is, okay, now what?” Lowe tells PEOPLE. “What’s the plan for the longevity of everything?”

“I never ever talk about diets, I talk about lifestyle,” he adds.

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Rob Lowe

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Lowe is known for keeping a toned physique over the years, but he admits that his weakness tends to be his diet — often giving in to his raging sweet tooth.

However, he says reeling in his eating will likely come from moderation rather than cutting out his favorites, giving him a better shot at maintaining the lifestyle change.

“I'm trying to be even more disciplined now as I'm older just because as you get older, you need to watch what you eat even more than when you were younger,” he explains. “So I tried to cut sugar completely as my new year's resolution. And now I'm figuring, okay, that's not sustainable for me, but how do I really watch my sugar consumption?”

Although he’s hopeful about making improvements in his diet, Lowe notes that he’s never struggled when it comes to having a good grasp on fitness, boasting that he feels “better than I’ve ever felt.”

<p>Tom Cooper/Getty</p> Rob Lowe

Tom Cooper/Getty

Rob Lowe

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The Wayne’s World star says he’s lucky to have natural motivation and is always willing to stay active.

“I can't wait to train or to do something physical,” he says. “I have very good friends and family that have to be dragged into doing something physical… that would be super tough to overcome.”

“I am blessed that I really enjoy physical exertion and adventure,” he adds. “So if I'm not on a set, I build my entire day around what activity I'm going to do. It might be a paddle in the ocean, a hike, running sprints on the track, pickleball, tennis. I'm pretty much up for anything.”

“It's a lifestyle,” Lowe tells PEOPLE, noting that his latest health goal is trying to find the balance between “longevity and consistency” and “non-injury and pushing myself as hard as I ever did.”

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