Roadhog’s Overwatch 2 Rework Has Me Skeptical

Roadhog stands with his hook and shotgun.
Roadhog stands with his hook and shotgun.

Like Sombra before him, Roadhog is getting a rework in Overwatch 2’s seventh season. And much like Sombra’s, it highlights a problem I have with Blizzard’s approach to reworks and balance changes, giving him an ability pretty analogous to one used by other tanks in the game. Over time, this approach is making the game less interesting, further sanding down characters into similar archetypes as opposed to letting them each serve distinct roles.

Blizzard has announced that Roadhog’s rework will give him a new ability called Pig Pen, which has him put down a trap that will slow and damage nearby enemies. The fact that it says enemies, plural, makes it sound like a shake-up from Roadhog’s typical loop, which is often very laser-focused. His hook is his main tool, as it drags an enemy into his shotgun’s range, but that means his kit helps him create space just by virtue of enemies feeling the looming threat of the ability and giving him a wide berth. While Blizzard hasn’t released footage of Pig Pen, the description sounds like it will give Roadhog a window to more precisely make those plays, but it also sounds very similar to abilities like Ramattra’s Ravenous Vortex, which slows down and damages enemies.

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