Road Users Stunned by 'Eerie Howling Noise' From Golden Gate Bridge

A pair of road users traveling across the Golden Gate Bridge were amazed by an “eerie howling noise” created by powerful winds on January 14.

Dominique Frideger was traveling southbound across the bridge when he and the driver of the car he was traveling in were taken aback by the noise.

“The wind was blowing extremely hard,” he told Storyful, and “as it passed through the cables of Golden Gate Bridge, they were howling.” The driver’s amazed reaction is caught on camera.

This type of sound has been heard at the Golden Gate Bridge previously, with CBS San Francisco Bay Area reporting in October 2021 that the sound could "be heard for miles”.

The report said the sound began to be heard after new handrails were fitted in 2020 to make the bridge more aerodynamic. Credit: Dominique Frideger via Storyful

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