RNC Chair Says ‘Every Mom in the Country’ Is Scared Fentanyl Will Get Into Kids’ Halloween Baskets (Video)

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RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel is making the Halloween season a little bit spookier by suggesting fentanyl might make its way to young trick-or-treaters — a concern she says “every mom in the country” shares.

“Just last month, 2,000 pounds of fentanyl came across our border, that could kill 500 million people,” McDaniel said Tuesday on Fox News in an interview you can watch at the top of this post. “Every mom in the country is worried, what if this gets into my kid’s Halloween basket? The rainbow fentanyl. What if my teenager gets this.”

Her new concerns were brought up after she mocked former President Bill Clinton’s statement that Republicans typically “find some new way to scare the living daylights out of swing voters.”

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“You have to note Republicans always close well,” Clinton said in an interview with CNN last week. “Why? because they find some new way to scare the living daylights out of swing voters about something,” he said, noting that conservatives made critical race theory “sound worse than small pox” in 2021.

“Newsflash, Bill, your party is doing that just fine,” McDaniel retorted. “We don’t need to help you with that at all, you’re scaring voters everywhere with the open border,” she said before bringing up her Halloween-time fentanyl concerns.

In the same interview, the RNC Chair shared her thoughts on how candidates should address abortion in their campaign. “I think every candidate has to address it in their state,” she said. “I do not think they can ignore it, I think they have to take it head on,” she continued, noting that this is where the Democrats “want to play.”

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