RMAF urges everybody to stop sharing photos of Niezam Zaidi in pilot uniform

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14 Oct - The Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) is urging the media and public alike to no longer share photos of actor Niezam Zaidi wearing its pilot uniform.

In a statement released following the actor's arrest for drug possession, the RMAF stated that the use of such images would confuse the community and tarnish the image of the Air Force and the Malaysian Armed Forces as a whole, as Niezam has never been part of the team in the first place.

"The picture of him in the pilot uniform was taken while starring in the drama, "Gempur Wira", which was broadcasted on Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) in 2018," according to the statement.

The 28 year-old actor was nabbed by the police on 10 October alongside film director Mohd Latiff Zammi, and assistant director Saiful Zaidrin, with the actor revealed to have allegedly possessed 1.15 grams of cannabis.

Mohd Latiff and Saiful Zaidrin were each charged with possessing 0.3g of cannabis and 0.38g of methamphetamine at the same time.

The three pleaded guilty in the Kuala Kangsar Magistrate's Court to drug possession charges on 12 October.

The actor has declined to make further comments about his case, telling the media, "I'm sorry if I have done everybody wrong. For now, I will keep my comments to myself."

No comments from Niezam about the case
No comments from Niezam about the case

(Photo Source: Niezam Zaidi Instagram)

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