Rival Van Gogh exhibits in NY inspire confusion, awe

A pair of Van Gogh exhibits in New York is baffling its guests - before they even buy tickets.

The two shows have similar names.

Some that wanted to see 'Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience' instead bought tickets to 'Immersive Van Gogh', and vice versa.

"Yes, we actually had an issue with our ticket because of that. Because we purchased that one, but we were here, so we ended up repurchasing."

More than 400 complaints have been posted on website Better Business Bureau against FEVER - the ticket vendor for 'The Immersive Experience'.

Some spent hundreds of dollars on the wrong show.

Mario Iacampo is the creative director 'The Immersive Experience', and said he expects people to want their money back.

"Anybody that calls for a refund gets a refund with no questions asked. I mean, if there's any confusion, we're not trying to create any confusion. We're very clear about what we are."

But he also explained why people shouldn't be so quick to give up their tickets.

"We have a very different approach where we like to show a complete exhibit. We have a lot of panels to introduce the artist to the people before the immersive part. Our immersive is really tailored to his paintings."

Meanwhile, David Korins, the creative director of the other show, 'Immersive Van Gogh'- talked up the scale of his exhibit.

"You can walk through ours with your hands in your pocket and feel safe in 70,000 square feet.

I can tell you, I was moving around with stage hands huffing and puffing for weeks on end, putting this thing together and never for one second felt at peril because of just the size,

the mass and the scale and the profundity of it."

However, the confusion hasn't seemed to tarnish enjoyment of the masterpieces of the man himself, Van Gogh.

"I'm so happy that I came."

"Look at me, I'm trying to be cool, like, oh, no, no, but it's so emotional and I don't know, it just definitely hit me hard."

"It's unbelievable. I hope he's very happy in his grave, knowing that the whole world is enjoying his artwork."

Testimonials sure to make both exhibits happy.

Just make sure to double check the address.