Ritchie Torres Torches New York Magazine for Confusing Him With Another Black Politician

Rep. Ritchie Torres slammed New York Magazine after it published a piece that initially included a featured image of New York Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado by accident.

The photo has since been changed, replacing the photo of Delgado, who is not focused on in the article, with Torres.

“If New York Magazine is going to publish an Anti-Israel hit piece by Sarah Jones, then at least do enough due diligence to get the photo right,” Torres wrote on social media on Friday.

“I am not Antonio Delgado,” Torres added, “Not all Black people look the same.”

At the bottom of the corrected piece, an update now says “A photo-illustration in a previous version of this story incorrectly included Antonio Delgado, not Ritchie Torres.”

“We quickly caught this mistake in the photo-editing process, which we acknowledged on the piece, and regret the error,” a spokesperson for New York Magazine said in a statement to TheWrap.

The story focused on three Democratic lawmakers Torres, John Letterman, and Mondaire Jones, who have all made an effort to publicly back Israel during the war that broke out on Oct. 7. All three have faced criticism externally and within their own parties in Congress.

“Torres is not a hypocrite. If we take him at his word, he’s been a Zionist for a long time,” the article reads. “But he’s not being entirely truthful about the progressive movement or his place within it either.”

“The movement didn’t leave him: He left it, if indeed he was ever fully part of it, by making a series of deliberate choices. One such choice is to support Israel despite the unbelievable brutality it has inflicted on Palestinians in Gaza,” the piece continued.

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