Rita Daniela opens up about father of her unborn child

1 Jul - After surprising many with her pregnancy announcement, singer-actress Rita Daniela revealed that she has actually been dating someone for a while now.

The singer, who spoke to Nelson Canlas recently, stated, "It's my decision not to share anything about us or about him to anybody because he's not a showbiz personality. He's a private person and our relationship has always been private."

However, Rita does admit that the pregnancy wasn't planned, but one that she welcomes with an open heart.

"Am I enough? Was I good? Was I great? That has always been my struggle. This blessing reminded me, 'No, I won't feel that anymore,' because I will have someone that whatever I do, I may fail or not but that someone will see me and he or she will love me with all this heart."

Rita announced her pregnancy earlier this week in a post that read, "You came just in time. You are God's greatest gift to me. You give me hope to make more dreams COME true. I shall do anything and everything that's best for you. Always."

 Rita's pregnancy wasn't planned but is very welcomed
Rita's pregnancy wasn't planned but is very welcomed

(Photo Source: Rita Daniela Instagram)