Rishi’s rating slumps to ‘worst ever for a major party leader’: The Standard podcast

An exclusive poll by Ipsos for The Standard has revealed Rishi Sunak’s rating as Prime Minister has slumped to the worst ever for a leader of a major party.

It comes as pressure piles on the PM to call a date for the next general election, with the survey finding more than half of Britons want one held by the end of the summer.

42 per cent of adults would like the poll held before the end of June, with a further 10 per cent saying in July or August. 23 per cent believe Mr Sunak should go to the country in the autumn, September or October.

Risking a possibly more wintry event, 10 per cent opt for November or December, and seven per cent January, the latest possible time for the election.

The results also showed that more than half of Britons want the general election held by the end of the summer - which wouldn’t give the Conservatives a lot of time to turn things around.

Three quarters of adults in the country are dissatisfied with the way Mr Sunak is doing his job as PM, with just 16 per cent satisfied.

But it’s not all good news for Labour though, the poll also found Sir Keir Starmer’s rating for doing his job falling to its lowest since he became leader.

Fifty-six per cent say they are dissatisfied with the Labour leader and 25 per cent satisfied.

Rochelle Travers speaks to Gideon Skinner, Head of Political Research at Ipsos, who explains the key findings from the poll and gives his analysis.

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