Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg are unrecognizable Bigfoots in “Sasquatch Sunset ”trailer

No, really. That’s Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg under there.

Sasquatch Sunset made headlines last month as one of the weirdest films to premiere at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival — a strange and completely dialogue-free story about a grunting family of Bigfoots. (Bigfeet?) Now, Bleecker Street has shared the film’s first trailer (below), unveiling a new look at David and Nathan Zellner’s oddball epic.

As the title suggests, Sasquatch Sunset focuses on a small clan of nonverbal sasquatches who live in the Northern California woods. The film follows them as they go about their daily lives, complete with displays of sex, masturbation, and defecation. (When it premiered at Sundance last month, more than a few audience members walked out.)

The cast includes Daisy Jones & the Six star Riley Keough and Fleishman Is in Trouble actor Jesse Eisenberg, who play two of the creatures and are completely unrecognizable under pounds of prosthetics.

"It’s beautifully shot, very funny, and really touching, actually, and one of my favorite experiences I’ve had filming anything,” Keough told the audience after a Sundance screening in January. “And there’s no speaking in the movie. It was a whole different type of acting. It was creature work, which I had never done before.”

<p>Bleecker Street Media</p> 'Sasquatch Sunset'

Bleecker Street Media

'Sasquatch Sunset'

Sasquatch Sunset will screen in March at South by Southwest, before opening in select theaters on April 12 and nationwide on April 19. Check out the new trailer, above.

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