Riley Keough Was First Introduced to the World on a 1989 PEOPLE Cover: See the Sweet Photo

The tiny tot was cradled by mom Lisa Marie Presley in the snap, which marked an exciting moment for the Presley family

Lisa Marie Presley and newborn Riley Keough on a 1989 PEOPLE cover
Lisa Marie Presley and newborn Riley Keough on a 1989 PEOPLE cover

Actress Riley Keough turns 35 on May 29, 2024, a milestone she marked on Instagram already in a celebratory series of photos.

But way back when she was born, Keough made her debut on the cover of PEOPLE, cradled in mom Lisa Marie Presley's arms in a sweet image shared with the world weeks after her arrival. Here, see the photo and read an excerpt of the story that accompanied the cover, announcing the arrival of the late Elvis Presley's very first grandchild.

Buckingham Palace itself couldn't have done a better job of protecting the privacy of the new mother and the lost King's only grandchild.

When Elvis's only heir, Lisa Marie Presley, 21, gave birth to 7-lb., 2-oz. Danielle Riley Keough two weeks ago in Santa Monica, the event was cloaked in the sort of secrecy usually associated with the arrival of a William or a Harry or a Bea. A bare-bones official announcement from Saint John's Hospital said that Lisa Marie was admitted at 2:30 a.m. on Monday, May 29, and gave birth at 8:15 that evening. Husband Danny Keough was present during the labor, the hospital spokesperson said, and it was "an easy birth, no complications."

Lisa Marie Presley and newborn Riley Keough on a 1989 PEOPLE cover
Lisa Marie Presley and newborn Riley Keough on a 1989 PEOPLE cover

Beyond that, there was a carefully constructed wall of silence. There was no public burbling from new grandmother Priscilla Beaulieu Presley, who had celebrated her 44th birthday only days before Lisa Marie went into labor; there was no public discussion by obstetrician Dr. James Moran or the staff in the maternity ward, where security guards kept unwelcome visitors away from a secluded, L-shaped wing. By week's end, the paparazzi who had surrounded the hospital were even uncertain whether Lisa Marie and her daughter were still there.

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According to some reports, the new mother had been whisked away by Jeep to an undisclosed location on Friday, but only her family knew for sure. Amid such regal silence, a fine crop of rumors blossomed and flourished. Not since Elvis was sighted last summer at a Kalamazoo Burger King and at various shopping malls has the Presley dynasty dealt with so much unsubstantiated static.

It was variously reported that Lisa Marie had delivered the baby four days past her due date or had been three weeks late; that she had been visited by Priscilla in the labor room or had been attended only by Danny and the medical staff; that she gave birth not in L.A. on May 29 but several days earlier in Phoenix.

<p>FayesVision/Alamy</p> Riley Keough and mom Lisa Marie Presley in 2017


Riley Keough and mom Lisa Marie Presley in 2017

One overheated tabloid ran a cover picture of an infant and the headline LISA MARIE PRESLEY'S BABY GIRL but didn't go out of its way to tell readers that the baby pictured was Priscilla's son, Navarone.

The one irrefutable fact was that Lisa Marie, who had trained with a Lamaze coach in the months before the birth, had produced a healthy girl and that she and her family couldn't have been happier. The weeks before the birth had apparently been difficult ... says Joseph Beaulieu, Priscilla's stepfather: "Lisa Marie was getting anxious for things to happen. She's doing super now. She's jovial, doing as well as you could for having just gone through having a baby. And Danny's beside himself. He's the most attentive young father."

Postpartum visitors, says Beaulieu, were kept to a minimum: "It's not a social event. Danny's stepmom was there, I believe, and of course Priscilla. She's always bubbly, and she's just more so now."

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For his part, Beaulieu was delighted. "Everyone is pleased," he says. "It's been the main topic of discussion in our family."

According to Cesare Bonazza, a photographer who was given exclusive rights to take pictures of the newborn Danielle and her mom, the hospital-room setting was happy and low-key. Summoned by the family on May 30, Bonazza was allowed 10 minutes to photograph a relaxed Danny and Lisa Marie, who was coiffed and carefully made up for the occasion.

<p>Eric Charbonneau/Getty</p> Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley and Riley Keough in 2015

Eric Charbonneau/Getty

Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley and Riley Keough in 2015

By all accounts, Lisa Marie and her family had been determined from the beginning to keep the blessed event from becoming a sideshow. Long sheltered from the press by the savvy Priscilla, Lisa Marie, who will inherit her father's zillion-dollar estate, including Graceland, when she reaches 30, has already proved that she wishes to avoid the sort of spotlight that transformed her father from a sweet, sexy country boy into a dissolute neurotic.

Last October, when she married Keough, a bass player, at the Church of Scientology in Hollywood, the ceremony involved just nine people. The newlyweds were off honeymooning on a church-owned yacht before Priscilla's publicist announced the marriage to the press. All details of Lisa Marie's pregnancy, including the exact due date, remained a closely guarded secret ... in part because of the Presleys' desire for privacy.

Elvis's own parents, Gladys and Vernon Presley, were regulars at the fundamentalist First Assembly of God Church. Elvis sang in the congregation and, according to lore, often was packed off for revivals and camp meetings. Somewhere along the way, of course, his fervor took a decidedly secular turn, and by the time he and Priscilla brought Lisa Marie home to Graceland in 1968, he was hardly prepared to think about discipline or moral guidance.

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<p>Michael Ochs Archives/Getty</p> Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley with newborn daughter Lisa Marie Presley in 1968

Michael Ochs Archives/Getty

Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley with newborn daughter Lisa Marie Presley in 1968

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Wildly indulgent toward his daughter, Elvis treated her much as he had Priscilla, who had moved into Graceland by the age of 16. The Presley princess seldom heard a discouraging word at Graceland, which she often visited after her parents separated amicably in 1972. Elvis gave her a mink coat and a diamond ring (trifles that Priscilla returned) and jetted her to Utah when she told him she had never seen snow (after she had played in it for about 20 minutes, he had her flown back to L.A.).

To Lisa Marie, Elvis seemed close to being a perfect father. "He was always up to something, shooting off firecrackers or guns, running around, driving golf carts or snowmobiles," she said recently in an interview with LIFE. "He'd pull me in a sled and scare me to death. On that long steep driveway that goes up to Graceland, he'd be pulling me up and falling at the same time. He called me Buttonhead or Yisa. He'd never call me Lisa unless he was mad at me."

Like others who were close to Elvis, Lisa Marie also witnessed the darker moments: "I used to see my dad take pills, butI was so young that I didn't think anything about it," she said. "All the bad things never changed my love for him."

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It fell to Priscilla to act as disciplinarian. Steeped in excess as Elvis's bride, she was determined to put Lisa Marie on a different path. In L.A., where Priscilla moved permanently after separating from Elvis, Lisa Marie was sent to a succession of unpretentious private schools, given a negligible allowance and required to be home by 10 p.m. When she crossed the line by experimenting with drugs or dallying with the wrong boys, she was reined in promptly.

"The most difficult part of being a single parent [was] being mother, father, friend and disciplinarian for her," Priscilla told LIFE. "How could I take any disciplinary action without destroying her trust in me? I dealt with her problems as if they were mine and would give her the best advice I could."

Frank Carroll/Sygma via Getty A young Lisa Marie Presley with dad Elvis Presley in the 1970s
Frank Carroll/Sygma via Getty A young Lisa Marie Presley with dad Elvis Presley in the 1970s

Looking back, Lisa Marie seems to be glad that Priscilla showed a strong hand: "I'm very normal," she has said. "I'm not a little body-guarded celebrity child, running around spending money and driving a Rolls-Royce ... I'm capable of making a cup of coffee."

And, she hopes, of becoming the sort of mother that Priscilla has tried to be. These days, the two are extremely close. Lisa Marie was pleased when she learned that Priscilla was pregnant by her live-in beau, Marco Garibaldi, who is 11 years her junior.

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Lisa Marie attended Lamaze classes with Priscilla — ''a wonderful bonding experience,'' she called it — and was in the delivery room when her half-brother, Navarone, now 2, was born in 1987. Watching him grow, she says, has been the perfect short course in motherhood.

"My momis my best friend," Lisa Marie said just before her own wedding. "I plan to raise my kids the way she does the little one."

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