‘Ridiculousness’ Writers Achieve First Union Contract Under WGAW

“Ridiculousness” writers have officially achieved their first contract after the team unanimously voted to unionize under the Writers Guild of America West.

“We’re all thrilled with what we’ve won by sticking together and to finally be recognized for the value of our contribution to the show,” “Ridiculousness” writer Ryan Conner said in a statement, obtained by TheWrap. “We are excited to join the WGAW and look forward to continuing to do the work we love, alongside host Rob Dyrdek, whose support was instrumental in getting us this deal.”

The agreement includes minimum compensation per the WGA Minimum Basic Agreement (MBA), residuals in basic cable and other reuse markets, WGA pension and health benefits, including paid parental leave, full season employment guarantees, regulation of the use of AI-generated written material, a grievance and arbitration procedure and holiday pay. In addition, writers will receive retroactive back pay, pension and health contributions, as well as residuals from Oct. 23, 2023, and on.

“The writers of ‘Ridiculousness’ have shown incredible unity, courage and resolve throughout their organizing campaign for a Guild contract. I’m proud to welcome them into our union,” WGAW president Meredith Stiehm said in a statement.

The agreement covers all writers on the show, including creative consultants, supervising producers and the showrunner.

On Sept. 12, 2023, the National Labor Relations told TheWrap that writers on the MTV series unanimously voted to unionize under WGAW the day prior. The vote took place by secret ballot, ending with eight votes in favor of unionizing. There were two challenged votes that were counted because they weren’t determinative, the NLRB previously explained.

The unionization and contract negotiation comes after the “Ridiculousness” writing staff filed a motion with the NLRB in August 2023.

“‘Unscripted’ television is very much scripted and our writing staff is fed up with being abused and underpaid by Paramount, MTV and Rob Dyrdek,” writer Ally Maynard told Deadline at the time. “We produce the most profitable show currently on TV and yet we are paid 60% less than WGA writers that work for ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos.’”

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