Ridhuan Tee calls for new political party with “telur” to defend Islam

Kita bomohkan air ke Singapura supaya mereka serah diri dan bersunat, kata Ridhuan Tee

A Muslim scholar has challenged political leaders to show some gumption in standing up to those who questioned religious practices such as the slaughter of cattle in schools for Hari Raya Korban and the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

In a commentary titled "Mana telur kita", Ridhuan Tee Abdullah hit out at Muslim political leaders whom he alleged were not speaking out against those who questioned the rights of Muslims.

He has now called for a coalition of Muslim NGOs, the likes of Isma (Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia), Perkasa, Jati (Jalur Tiga), Muafakat (Pertubuhan Muafakat Sejahtera Masyarakat Malaysia), Macma (Persatuan Cina Muslim Malaysia) and ACCIN (Allied Coordinating Committee of Islamic NGOs), to unite and become a greater force to defend Islam.

Ridhuan in his weekly column in Sinar Harian today, also questioned the need of a "certain minority race" asking for a two-day public holiday to celebrate their festival.

Although he did not name the race, it was believed that he was referring to MIC president Datuk Seri G.Palanivel's recent announcement that he would be making a proposal to the government for a two-day public holiday for Deepavali.

He pointed out that Hari Raya Korban only got one day holiday.

Ridhuan said that this would only cause other Bumiputera minority groups in Sabah and Sarawak to ask for more holidays as well for their festivities.

As such, he said that if politicians did not have the "telur" anymore to speak out against those who questioned the rights of Muslims, the Malay sultanate should step in.

"We cannot rely on Umno and PAS. And let us just push PKR aside. No minister had come out to say anything against those complaining about the slaughter of cattle in schools," he said.

He said that Muslims were being insulted over many issues that touched on the religious sensitivies of Islam.

"What are we doing about it? We are overly concerned about the feelings of others, and hurting our own feelings instead," he pointed out.

Ridhuan questioned if defending the Allah ruling and slaughtering of cattle in schools was wrong, and saying it was a sin for Muslims to be silent on the matter.

"I'm puzzled, whenever there is a general election or by-election, we become cowards. We dare not comment on the insults hurled at us.

"Instead we give them what they want and more. To say that they are voting for us, that is also not true," he said.

He questioned if the Sungai Limau seat was so important to the point that Muslims were willing to "sacrifice everything" to win that state seat.

"Even if Umno did not win the Sungai Limau seat, it would still rule Kedah. And this is without the need to offer the 'moon and the stars'. It was painful to witness," he said.

Ridhuan, however, said he was not against the RM2 million allocation given to a Chinese national type school in Sungai Limau.

He also called on PAS not to be cowards, and criticised the Islamist party for hardly saying anything when other quarters decried the slaughter of cattle in schools.

He implied that PAS was even more silent when it came to the Allah ruling, noting that although the leadership did not voice out, the two "great Haruns" did, referring to Syurah council members Harun Taib and Harun Din. As such, he opined that it is they who should be leading PAS.

He also advised PAS and Umno that just because they had new friends, not to be "dayus" (man whose wife had committed adultery) or behave as though they did not have "telur".

He said that the rakyat was fed-up of the games the two Malay political parties were playing, adding that he was in support of suggestions that it was time for a new party to replace Umno.

"I hope this becomes a reality. The ruling government must remember that they won because of the hard work of these NGOs. They are the ones who made sure that Pakatan Rakyat would not win."

According to Ridhuan, he had suggested for Umno and PAS to work together for the good of Islam, but the Islamist party objected to it outright, saying that Umno was not for Islam.

Ridhuan added that this showed that PAS was willing to work with those who were against the religion than those who practised it.

"This shows that Malay political parties have lost their 'telur', so it is time for a new Islamic party to stand up for the rights of Muslims. Let us make this a reality. We need a political party that has 'telur'," he summed up. - November 4, 2013.