Richard Madeley informs GMB viewers he hasn’t ‘got the sack’ following reports

Richard Madeley informed Good Morning Britain viewers that he hasn’t “got the sack” on the latest episode.

Madeley has been off the ITV breakfast series for a short while recovering from an accident that led to an operation.

His co-host Susanna Reid acknowleged his return on Monday (6 March), stating: “We haven’t yet, Richard Madeley, said welcome back. You appear to have made a full recovery.”

A squeamish Reid then grimaced as Madeley revealed details behind the accident, explaining how a a car door had slammed into him with such an impact that it made him bite his tongue.

“I was either a freak having an accident or I had a freak accident,” he said, adding that the incident happened when he was “crouching down on a slope” while “fiddling around with something at the bottom of the car”.

He explained: “I turned around as the door decided to close itself. Gravity pulled it shut, it’s a big heavy door.”

The broadcaster went to hospital where he had to have three stitches in his tongue.

Madeley then pointed out: “I didn’t actually get the sack as one magazine reported.”

Reid said the injury sounded “horrible”, telling him: “I don’t know why I‘m asking you, because there’s something about tongues.”

As his co-host shuddered, Madeley told her: “Let’s not go into anymore detail – you don’t want to hear it.”

Susanna Reid shudders as Richard Madeley details tongue injury (ITV)
Susanna Reid shudders as Richard Madeley details tongue injury (ITV)

In Decemver, Madeley suffered a fall in the snow moments before a GMB broadcast went live from Whiston Hospital in Merseyside.