RFK Jr. says he has enough signatures to make New York ballot

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claims he has met the signature requirement to qualify for the ballot in New York, another key campaign advancement in a blue stronghold that could prove pivotal in the battle for the House.

The independent presidential contender collected more than the required signatures to compete in New York, according to a campaign official who announced the development Tuesday. The campaign said it delivered more than 135,000 signatures to the New York State Board of Elections.

“The scale of this grassroots effort has been monumental and proves the strength of our ground game in a way many claimed was impossible,” wrote Will Boothby, northeast regional field director for the Kennedy campaign, in a statement. He said that Kennedy’s operation put on two larger rallies and several smaller events with hundreds of volunteers to be able to compete in New York.

“The State of New York has stacked the deck against independent candidates in every way possible, combining the worst aspects of ballot access restrictions into one amalgamation designed to stop any candidate from achieving what we have achieved today,” he added.

The Hill/Decision Desk HQ, which is tracking Kennedy’s ballot access across the country, has not independently verified the signatures.

New York is one of 15 states that Kennedy’s campaign says the environmental lawyer has qualified. The addition is notable for its 28 electoral votes, but also for its possible down-ballot ripple effect. Kennedy appearing on the ballot could inspire more turnout and potentially play a role in several House races, which are expected to be critical in Democrats’ battle for control of the lower chamber.

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