RFK Jr.’s Brain Worm Visits SNL’s Weekend Update, Calls His Body a ‘Worm’s Paradise’: ‘Not a Single Drop of Vaccine in Sight’ | Video

Sarah Sherman showed up for “Weekend Update” on “SNL” this week as a true spectacle: the brain worm that allegedly lived inside Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s head, which the independent presidential candidate recently revealed. Sherman told host Colin Jost that “RFK’s body was a worm’s paradise, OK?” because there was “not a single drop of vaccine in sight.”

“My whole parasite posse hung out in there,” she continued. “Shout out to hookworm, bot fly, that fish that swims up your pee stream, and my man, Tom Sandoval,” referencing the infamous star of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules” reality franchise.

Still, that wasn’t the business that brought the brain worm onto the show in the first place. “Tonight, I want to be the first to officially endorse RFK for president,” Sherman added.

After Jost told her that actor Kevin Spacey endorsed RFK Jr. just days ago, she replied, “Oh, you’re on par! I was in that guy’s brain, too. I ate the part that understood the word ‘no.'” Sherman’s joke was, of course, a reference to the widespread sexual assault allegations against Spacey, along with his strange public behavior since those revelations.

“I want to go to different types of crazy white boy brains,” Sherman continued. “Randy Quaid, Jake Paul, and right now, I’m sipping on the part of Jack Harlow’s brain that tells him you shouldn’t talk like that,” Sherman said, taking a shot at white rapper Harlow’s affected rap voice.

Sherman then asked Jost for a sip of his own brain juice and, as she stuck a straw to his head, added, “your brain is so smooth, it’s like a cue ball.”

After some back and forth about taking up residence inside Jost’s brain (she was denied), Sherman sent out a final plea to her former host. “Before I go, I want to say something to you, RFK. If you’re watching this right now, hey. I miss you, I miss your body.”

“I miss that beef jerky face,” she continued. “I guess what I’m trying to say is, I want you back. And if you want me back, we’d be at the top of the Empire State Building tonight. I’ll be in the same place we were when we first met: in a fistful of raw ground turkey, wearing my Marilyn Monroe dress, singing” — at which point she went into a nasal yet faux sexy singing voice — “‘Happy worm brain, future president.'”

During the show’s cold open, the cast celebrated Mother’s Day by inviting the moms of the cast members to speak. Sherman’s mom joked to her that “this is your week to shine … RFK Jr. Said they found a worm in his brain. You can be the worm!”

Watch Sarah Sherman as RFK Jr.’s brain worm on “Weekend Update” in the video above.

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