Reykjavik Residents Enjoy a Sunny Beach Day as Volcano Erupts in the Distance

Beachgoers in Reykjavik, Iceland, were seemingly unconcerned by the smoke billowing out of the Fagradalsfjall volcano on July 28 as they enjoyed a sunny day at the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach.

Video taken by Halldor Sigurdsson shows a crowd of Reykjavik residents sunbathing, swimming, and playing volleyball while the volcano erupts about 60 kilometers (35 miles) southwest of the capital city.

The Icelandic Met Office reported on May 3 that the lava flow of Fagradalsfjall volcano has been largely confined to one main crater, a fifth fissure that opened in April.

Speaking to Storyful, Sigurdsson said that most local residents don’t pay much attention to the volcanic activity, especially since Fagradalsfjall has been active since March. Credit: Halldor Sigurdsson via Storyful

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