Rewiring America Launches ‘Electric Creatives’ Initiative, Stacey Abrams and Jonathan Scott Among Advisors

Cooking with electricity instead of gas is recommended by climate activists and indoor air quality experts alike, so why do most home renovation shows still show homeowners remodeling with gas stoves? Making the transition to electric induction ranges is a big goal for combatting climate change, but for the most part, the film and TV industries aren’t yet showing these efficient stoves onscreen.

To help increase awareness of this climate goal, electrification nonprofit Rewiring America has unveiled “Electric Creatives,” a new environmental initiative to help studios, creators, and producers switch from fossil fuel-powered appliances to greener, electric ones.

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Advocate Jonathan Scott, political leader and bestselling author Stacey Abrams and Rewiring America experts CEO Ari Matusiak and senior policy counsel Leah Stokes are among the council members and advisors.

Through the initiative, Rewiring America and its team of researchers will reduce production costs by identifying discounts and incentives for electric appliances, offering consumer research insights and organizing electrical appliances to be delivered to sets.

“We have a generational opportunity to take action where we live and where we work,” said Abrams. “Creators in film, TV and digital media hold enormous cultural influence. They have the ability to use their platform to show viewers what is possible and accessible, without losing quality or ease. We create change when it makes sense and cents — and this initiative can help drive that progress.”

Jonathan Scott, co-founder of Scott Brothers Entertainment said, “As the energy landscape continues to shift away from fossil fuels, the future of home technology lies in electrification.” Scott added, “Viewers look to our programs for guidance on making their homes as happy and healthy as possible. By modeling sustainable and efficient technology such as induction ranges in our renovations, our hope is that viewers take notice and realize that these technologies are accessible to everyone.”

Over the next year, the council will establish quarterly electrification meetings for the entertainment industry run by Rewring America experts and create tools and guidelines for entertainment professionals to make it easier to electrify their production sets. By 2035, Electric Creatives hopes to collaborate with all major studios and production companies to source 100% electric appliances.

In debuting the initiative, Rewiring America has partnered with Scott Brothers Entertainment and JUMA Entertainment to incorporate electrical appliances into their shows “Celebrity IOU” and “Secret Celebrity Renovation.”

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