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Amazon slashed the price on these 'life-changing' knee and ankle ice packs — save up to 30%, today only

Amazon slashed the price on these 'life-changing' knee and ankle ice packs — save up to 30%, today only

Icing after an injury is one of those important remedies that’s easy enough to do at home. As tempting as it is to use a pack of frozen peas, having an ice pack dedicated to your first aid kit is, shall we say, more sanitary. Whether you’re recovering from surgery or you just want to be prepared, Amazon’s got a deal on the top-selling ice packs from Revix. Today only, you can get these ankle and knee ice packs for up to 30%!

Designed for injuries, this ice pack stays cold with a special gel that comes sheathed in a plush fabric for comfort. To keep it in place, it has two velcro straps that you can wrap around your knee.
$24 at Amazon

Better than frozen peas, these packs have a plush cover that keeps your skin comfortable while provides the chill to help reduce swelling and provide relief to muscles and joints. The gel inside the pack is long-lasting which means fewer trips to the freezer. This pack also comes with two velcro straps to keep the pack in place.

"These have been a life-saver!" shared a rave reviewer. "I tore the meniscus on both of my knees and had surgery last winter. I have had a hard time getting back into an exercise routine. I finally discovered these, which have been life-changing. I hated icing before, but these are so easy and convenient to use. I ice my knees after each workout now, and I've been able to get back to power-walking 4 miles every day. I'm able to wrap these around my knees and do whatever I need to do while icing at the same time. They are so convenient!"

This ice pack set is specially designed for full-coverage around the ankle. It has a plush covering for comfort and three velcro straps to hold the packs in place.
$26 at Amazon

This pack comes in a set designed for icing ankles. It has a plush covering for comfort and stays cold even when it’s hot outside, a feature the more than 2,000 five-star fans appreciate. The condensation is minimal, which is an important detail if you have stitches that can’t get wet or you want to wear socks with getting them soaked. This pack also comes with three velcro straps to hold it in place and a plastic bag for freezer storage.

"After using an ice machine at therapy that wrapped my foot I went looking on Amazon for something affordable and effective," reported a happy shopper. "This ankle wrap provides cool relief where needed . Other ice packs are difficult to keep on a specific area of the foot. This one is perfect! Easy to use- put it in the freezer and it is easily to apply - it molds to your foot shape. The Velcro straps keep the wrap in place. Wish I would have purchased earlier after foot surgery. It’s been a big help in recovery. Highly recommend."

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