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Reviewers with limited mobility love this viral cactus back scratcher — and it's just $20

'Allows me to reach every inch,' wrote one fan of its flexible design.

Got an itch to scratch? (In the most literal sense, that is.) If so, we've found a nifty solution that just might become your new best friend: The Cactus Scratcher. It's already racked up a lot of love on TikTok and Amazon, thanks to its unique flexible strap design that'll let you get to even the most hard-to-reach areas of your back without having to strain. Plus, it has not one, but two sets of spikes in different sizes to target itches from mild to severe. It's almost like getting two massagers for just $20.

You don't even need to have a green thumb for this scratching succulent to be effective. 

$20 at Amazon

Unlike your standard back scratcher with a rigid handle, the Cactus Scratcher is designed to move seamlessly around the entirety of your back without you having to contort your arms into awkward positions or strain your back muscles. This makes it a fave among reviewers with limited mobility, and you can see it in action in the TikTok video below:

How does it work? The scratcher part — which, yes, does resemble a cactus! — is double-sided, with 1/4-inch spikes on one side for little itches, and 1/2-inch spikes on the other for major ones. But what really sets it apart is the extendable 45-inch strap that the scratcher rests in the center of, which allows you to adjust and shimmy it around as you please.

With traditional scratchers, you often have to raise one arm up high or at a weird angle, but since you use both arms with the Cactus Scratcher, you'll have more flexibility to reach your entire back. Each side of the strap even has a grippy ball at the end to hold onto for improved control while you're maneuvering the "cactus" around. And since it can be folded up when not in use, it's perfect for bringing on the go. Whoever designed this thing really did think of everything, didn't they?

someone scratching their back using the cactus scratcher
This ingenious back scratcher comes in six colors: green, yellow, blue, red, pink and black. Decisions, decisions! (Amazon)

Over 15,000 Amazon customers were so impressed with the Cactus Scratcher, they thought it warranted a perfect five-star rating.

"I get some powerful itching on my back, and due to limited mobility I can't use a conventional back scratcher," shared one five-star fan. "This device allows me to reach every inch of my back with ease. It is also very effective. It reaches in and tears the itch out by the root. I have not had it long enough to attest to its sturdiness, but it appears to be well-made."

"Who needs a tree when they have the Cactus?" mused another satisfied scratcher. "When I have a bear-sized back itch, the Cactus is better than a tree. No splinters, no dirt. Just the pure, simple pleasure of being able to reach that itch! Love this thing!"

"I love having my back scratched (thanks, babe), but when my wife's not around, this works great," wrote a final reviewer. "Only negative is that you can't leave it just laying around because it totally looks like a sex toy LOL." Hey, the more you know!

Psst: It also makes a great pet massager! 

$20 at Amazon

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