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Reviewers Swear These Sneakers Feel Like Slippers You Can Exercise In

Working out is a healthy way to manage stress and feel good. Alongside the proper gym equipment, the right pair of workout shoes can prevent foot pain and help you reach your goals with peak performance. Worn with your favorite athleisure outfit, these workout shoes are perfect for all types of exercise, including running, HIIT, weight lifting, Zumba and much more, while still being stylish too. When heading into your next workout, make sure you have the right shoes on your feet to support your arches, avoid injuries, and help you get stronger.

The Good Housekeeping Institute Textiles Lab is comprised of footwear experts who have evaluated sneakers for walking, running and gym workouts. Testers wear the workout shoes while exercising and then provide feedback on comfort, support, appearance, fit, and more. Then, we slice the sneakers in half so podiatrists can evaluate the midsole. The best workout shoes below are from brands with previous top performance, styles with exciting, new features, or pairs popular online.

How to find the right workout shoes for you

Emily Splichal D.P.M. at New York's Center for Functional & Regenerative Podiatry recommends to look at "the specificity of the shoe" when shopping to determine if it'll work for a certain type of workout. You should peek at the shoes' features: If you plan on running marathons and going to dance fitness classes, you'll need multiple pairs of workout shoes for proper support in each activity.