Rev Sharpton demands officer's name at Lyoya funeral

STORY: Sharpton demanded the Grand Rapids police release the name of the officer who killed Lyoya with one shot to the back of his head, as concluded by a forensic report this week.

Officials have placed the officer on administrative leave, and have asked the Michigan State Police to investigate the shooting.

Calling it a human rights issue, Lyoya family attorney Benjamin Crump said politicians who have been vocal in opposing Russian troops' killing of Ukrainian civilians should support the 26-year-old Congolese refugee's case.

"World leaders can't condemn Russian soldiers shooting unarmed citizens in the back of the head in Ukraine but then refuse to condemn police officers shooting unarmed Black citizens here in Grand Rapids, Michigan," Crump said, adding, "If it's wrong that you do it in Ukraine, then it's wrong that you do it in Grand Rapids."

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