'Return to Sender' as French Mayor Says He Threw Illegally Dumped Material Back Into Owners' Garden

A mayor of a commune in northeastern France posted video of himself and another man described as showing them throwing material that had been illegally dumped into the garden of those who had dumped it, in what he called a case of “return to sender”.

Jean-Pierre Dessein posted the footage on October 25, saying that he had warned those who illegally dumped material that if they are identified, it would be returned.

BFMTV quoted Dessein as saying two municipal officials out jogging had spotted a couple dumping boards. So, he said, he asked another official to record so there would be evidence, while he and another man picked up the boards and dumped them over a fence and into a garden.

Dessein then speaks to a woman from the house into which he threw the material.

He said that the person acknowledged the boards were theirs, but claimed they didn’t know they weren’t allowed to leave them where they had.

“But that, I do not want to hear it,” he was quoted by BFMTV as saying. Credit: Jean-Pierre Dessein via Storyful

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