The Return of 'Jackie Chan': Adorable Rescued Koala Released Back Into the Wild

An adorable rescued koala named Jackie Chan made a triumphant return to the wilderness near Glen Oak, New South Wales, after being released by volunteers from a local koala hospital.

Footage first shows Jackie Chan munching on some leaves before eagerly climbing up the tree where volunteers released him.

Jackie Chan had been at the koala center from November 18, 2021, according to the volunteers who shared in the video caption that “at just 2.5kg he was too small to be left in the middle of breeding season.”

“After staying at the hospital for 4 months and now weighing 4.5kg he was successfully released back to the wild,” they added.

Port Stephens Koala Hospital provides a wildlife shelter for marsupials in need.

The group shares regular updates on the progress of the koalas in their care via the shelter’s YouTube and Facebook pages. Credit: Port Stephens Koala Hospital via Storyful

Video transcript


- [INAUDIBLE] and this is a big day for Jackie Chan. His [INAUDIBLE] has come out in this slight rain to release him to his new and what we hope is his permanent home. We're right at the base of Stony Ridge Reserve. So [INAUDIBLE], if you want to take the top off and just--

- Absolutely, about to release Jackie Chan in his prime koala habitat.

- Yes.

- Here we go.

- All the best, Jackie.


- Oh, like that tree. That's good because this is our favorite release tree. I've released three koalas in this tree in the last four months. He's going right to the top. Well, [INAUDIBLE], I just hope that we can keep this property in public ownership and keep the developers away.

- Most definitely. A great successful day.