Resurfaced clip of Chuck Woolery’s Love Connection astounds viewers: ‘This woman is a legend’

‘Love Connection’ (Grammys.stories/ TikTok)
‘Love Connection’ (Grammys.stories/ TikTok)

An old episode of Chuck Woolery’s dating show Love Connection has resurfaced, and people can’t get enough of the two contestants.

The hit dating show, which lasted 11 seasons beginning in 1983 and running until 1994, followed blindly matched couples on their first dates, who would later reveal their first impressions to host Woolery in front of a live audience.

A particular clip of 1994 contestants Robin Dimiceli and Curt Levey has made the rounds on TikTok, with people applauding Dimiceli for absolutely “roasting” Levey.

“I like women who are deep, and she just didn’t seem like a deep kinda person. She seemed more like the kind of woman who probably knows all the colours of lipstick, but couldn’t tell you who the Vice President of the United States was,” Levey told Woolery.

Offering her judgement of Levey from their first phone call, Dimiceli quipped: “I thought he had a monotone voice, he was whiny, and he sounded very boring, and that’s how he turned out to be.”

The host then asked Levey what his first impression of Dimiceli was when they finally met in person.

“I guess I was a little disappointed. In her video, she looked cute, but she looked a little bit older in person than her real age. She did have a good body, though, I’ll give her credit for that. Although I really do have to say, you know, it’s a shame she doesn’t work out a little less on her body and a little more on her mind,” Levey said.

“You don’t deserve my mind!” Dimiceli responded, before sharing her first impression: “Oh, I thought he was so fine, and he was just gorgeous, the man of my dreams... NOT!”

The two quickly recounted their dinner, with Levey remembering: “The food was good. You know conversation went nowhere. We had nothing in common, but the food was good.”

“Thank God I don’t have anything in common with you!” Dimiceli retorted.

Levey then recalled joining Dimiceli at a wedding reception on Treasure Island, asserting that she showed him off like an “animal in a zoo”, introducing him “to each table as, ‘Hi, this is Curt, my Love Connection date’”.

“I was not showing him off, I was making sure everyone knew that I didn’t choose this guy!” Dimiceli clarified as the audience cheered her on.

“I gotta tell you something, Curt,” Woolery laughed. “As unsophisticated or unintelligent as you think this woman is, she seems to have a razor edge to her mind to me.”

Many TikTok users commented on the video, echoing Woolery’s assessment, with one writing: “She is very quick-witted.”

“He’s definitely threatened by her,” a second noted, while a third added: “She’s way out of his league. I can’t believe she even went on a date with him. The audacity.”

“She is just ROASTING him,” another commented, as someone else praised: “This woman is a legend.”