'Take a Rest, Boys': Three-Year-Old Studies Notable Women for Women's History Month

A three-year-old in Louisville, Kentucky, was excited to celebrate Women’s History Month by sorting through flash cards about notably figures, removing any cards about men and highlighting all those about notable women.

In a video posted to TikTok on March 1 by mother Meredith Carter, her daughter, Ellie, is heard saying “take a rest, boys” and “see you later…the girls are next” as she sets the cards about men aside.

Meredith and Ellie have used flash cards to learn about historical or notable figures in the recent past. In a video posted on Febraury 1, Ellie sorts through cards highlighting Black heroes in honor of Black History Month.

“Ellie loved learning about Black heroes in February and couldn’t wait to sort her flash cards for Women’s History Month in March,” Carter said. Credit: Meredith Carter via Storyful