Residents of Yangon bravely take to the streets to protest Myanmar coup

Brave residents of Myanmar's Yangon took to the streets on Wednesday (February 17) to continue their protest against the military coup and junta that took over the country at the start of the month. Footage shows thousands on the streets of the country's biggest city as the trend of civil disobedience continues across the country. Protesters are seen with banner, flags and placards all with themes of solidarity against the new regime and support for the democratically elected government. The coup occurred at the start of February with the arrest of many politicians, including leader Aung San Suu Kyi. The filmer - who wishes to remain anonymous - told Newsflare: "Civilians are beaten up and shot at by military and [at] night time there are Illegal arrests by the military. "[The] media get covered up because the truth would unravel the chain of injustice and yet civilians willingly sacrifice themselves to reveal the human rights violations. "The day is bright but full of live bullets and bullies; the night is dark and full of terror. "Many of us are in trouble here and it would take a big heart to truly understand and sympathise with our sorrow and walk in our shoes to understand why we are desperately fighting for human rights. "I wish and pray that the world can share the pain of the people of Myanmar as we humans are meant to share the pain and joy altogether. "May no other country or anyone go through this injustice ordeal."