Residents Near Illinois Chemical Plant Warned Not to Touch Green Substance Released During Fire

All employees were accounted for and no injuries were reported after a large fire broke out at the Carus chemical plant in La Salle, Illinois, on Wednesday morning, January 11, fire officials said.

This footage, shot by Jannell Ramirez a few blocks west of the plant, shows thick smoke billowing from the site.

La Salle Fire Chief Jerry Janick, speaking to media at around noon, said crews responded at about 9 am and said the blaze had been largely contained. The plant sustained significant damage, Janick said. He said he could not confirm reports of explosions.

A precautionary shelter-in-place order remained in effect for areas north and west of the plant, Janick added.

The La Salle Police Department warned residents not to touch a green-colored oxidizer that was released in the area.

“If you see this substance near or on your residence it can be deactivated. In order to deactivate it, you will need a 1:1:1 mixture of: 1 gallon of water, 1 gallon of peroxide, 1 gallon of vinegar,” police wrote.

Carus’ website says the company is a family-owned chemical manufacturer founded in 1915 that provides “innovative solutions for municipal water, wastewater, industrial applications, air purification, and soil remediation.” Credit: Jannell Ramirez via Storyful

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