Resident Evil 4 fans stunned after player shares 18-year-old trick to make its hardest room a breeze

 Leon from Resident Evil 4 Remake holding a gun to his face
Leon from Resident Evil 4 Remake holding a gun to his face

With Resident Evil 4 Remake only a week away, one fan has revealed that the original's hardest room is a doddle if you know this straightforward trick. Oodles of fans, though, did not know this simple track and are now becoming unglued.

When you reach the castle section of the game past the village, you'll eventually come to a pool-filled room known as the Water Hall. It's a pretty sudden difficulty spike, and it's a huge pain. Before entering the room, you have to navigate a whole other challenge that involves a pesky mini-boss, so you'll hardly be arriving in Water Hall feeling fresh. Once you do make it, you'll have to contend with cultists who count archers among their ranks alongside one fellow with a Plaga that'll instantly kill you.

This isn't just a room with heaps of big bads, though. You need to access several cranks to escape, which often means sending Ashley to areas you can't reach. Simple enough, though you must also protect Ashley and yourself. It's remained infamous since Resident Evil 4 came out 18 years ago, both for fans and the game's dedicated speedrunning community.

You can imagine, then, that the thought of doing it all again in the remake is hardly filling people with joy. Expect it doesn't have to be so rough this time. As one fan reveals, you can simply leave out the door you entered from, and not only will the enemies you've slayed stay dead, but you'll get another checkpoint, too.

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It's a simple enough trick you can use anywhere in the game, but everyone is delighted all the same.

"My younger self is currently screaming," one person says. Another adds: "I must have completed Resident Evil 4 something like 20-30 times across multiple ports over the years and I never knew this. If it sucks… hit the bricks".

We still have a week to wait for the latest Resident Evil remake, though you've got a shiny new demo to keep you busy until then. An ultra-hard difficulty mode pops up randomly, and a third weapon is behind a bizarre secret. It's grand.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is due to release on March 24, 2023.

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