Researchers reveal secret find of 17th century shipwreck

STORY: his royal warship sank off the British coast over 300 years ago

Location: Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

The ship, named 'The Gloucester,' was recently unveiled by researchers

who kept its location secret for 15 years to protect the wreck from damage

Diving brothers Lincoln and Julian Barnwell found the wreck

[Lincoln Barnwell, Diver]

“I picked up an encyclopaedia of shipwrecks one evening, flicking through, going back to the oldest date I could find and there was the 1682 Gloucester, and I just read the paragraph about the wreck and the Duke of York was on board, the future king, and there was cannons. So that was the big, big thing for me if I'm honest and I knew, so I picked the phone up that night, rang my brother Julian, I knew what he’d say and I said are you up for a new adventure and go looking for the Gloucester, it sank in 1682, canons everywhere potentially, and he was just in there like a flash and off we went.’’

In 1682, the Duke of York managed to narrowly escape the sinking ship

He went on to become King James II of England

and King James VII of Scotland

[Claire Jowitt, Professor of Renaissance studies]

“Because the ship sank so quickly nobody would have rescued anything, so you've got both rich and poor, working people and nobility, it’s a fantastic time capsule. // “The thought of excavating what is still submerged under the sand is so tantalising and so important.”

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