Researchers Find Cost of Invasive Species to African Economy Greater Than Continent's Entire GDP

A team of researchers with the Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International (CABI) has concluded that the cost of invasive species to the combined economy of Africa is $3.66 trillion a year, or 1.5 times the continent’s GDP.

The CABI published the findings on May 20, saying the study “reveals the extent and scale of the economic impacts of IAS [invasive alien species] in the agricultural sector in one of the least studied continents.”

The results, they said, “highlight the need for pre-emptive management options, such as prevention and early detection and rapid response to reduce huge potential future costs, as well as measures that contribute to large-scale control of widely established IAS at little cost to farmers and other affected land users, to reduce losses and improve livelihoods.” Credit: CABI via Storyful

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