Research shows over 65s are the most confident cooks

Not having enough time and missing ingredients were some of the common kitchen calamities Brits said they faced  (Tom Maddick / SWNS)
Not having enough time and missing ingredients were some of the common kitchen calamities Brits said they faced (Tom Maddick / SWNS)

According to research, those over 65 are least likely to get in a flap when cooking, while middle-aged cooks are most likely to get flustered.

A survey of 2,000 adults found only 18 per cent of retirees find themselves in a muddle when cooking, compared to 46 per cent of those aged between 35-44 who frequently do so.

And 55 per cent of those over 65 also claim to have never ruined a meal on their watch.

While those under 34 were most likely to have started from scratch after ruining a dish – or ordered a takeaway.

It also revealed the most kitchen mishaps of all respondents were caused by lack of enthusiasm to cook (27 per cent), missing ingredients (22 per cent) and lack of time (18 per cent).

A spokesperson for Tesco, which commissioned the research to mark the expansion of its express delivery service, Whoosh, to deliver food within 60 minutes, said: “Whether it’s a special date night or a cosy evening in front of the telly, mealtime moments are an important part of our day.

“Though kitchen calamities can be dramatic, the research reveals that most mishaps are down to us simply not having what we need, when we need it – whether that’s a vital ingredient for a recipe, or a quick meal option when time, energy and enthusiasm are lacking.”

The research also revealed some kitchen calamities experienced by respondents, including propelling pancakes onto the ceiling which don’t make it back to the pan and cooking everything for a Sunday roast – except the chicken.

Another confessed to over spicing a dish to the point it was too hot for guests to handle.

But most kitchen mishaps tend to happen when people are preparing their midweek dish (22 per cent), cooking the Sunday roast (15 per cent) or when there are large gatherings of family and friends (10 per cent).

It was also found dinner time is the most common time for things to go wrong in the kitchen (49 per cent).

As a result, 44 per cent would like to get the food they need for their meal delivered to them quickly as and when they need it, according to the study via OnePoll.

Common kitchen calamities Brits face in the kitchen:

  1. Lack of energy or enthusiasm to cook

  2. Missing ingredients

  3. Not allowing enough time to prepare and cook

  4. Overcooking elements

  5. Spillages

  6. Not having suitable food in and no time or energy to go out and buy more

  7. Finding a recipe too complicated

  8. Trying to substitute an ingredient that doesn’t quite work out

  9. Reaching for something only to find it’s out of date or has gone off

  10. Accidentally adding too much seasoning or spice

  11. Presentation skills

  12. Not having the right equipment

  13. Misreading a recipe

  14. Kids getting in the way when you’re trying to concentrate

  15. Too many people talking to me when you’re cooking

  16. Undercooking elements

  17. Not having suitable ingredients, items or alternatives for guests’ dietary requirements or preferences

  18. Trying to adapt a dish for different dietary requirements that doesn’t turn out the same

  19. Ruining ingredients or elements during the preparation because of an accident (ie. dropped eggs)

  20. Setting the wrong time on the timer, or not setting one at all