Rescuers save dog trapped under huge boulder in Thailand

Brave rescuers saved a hapless dog after it was trapped in a narrow space between a huge boulder and the ground. Rescue volunteer Nattapol Suangam was called by a resident in Chanthaburi province, Thailand when they found the pooch. Suangam and the rescue team reached the scene and drilled through the stone to widen the gap. The process took almost a day, with the team drilling up the stone while feeding the dog some milk to keep it from starving. Suangam eventually managed to stick his body between the gap with a safety harness. He then grabbed on the pooch and brought it up to safety. He said: "The owners told me that the dog was chasing a rat uphill. It was tiring, but the result was worth it all." The pooch was returned to the owners safely. This footage was filmed on March 27.