Rescuers remove massive cobra trapped at bottom of well

Rescuers in western India removed a massive cobra earlier this month that was trapped at the bottom of a deep well. A team from the Animal Rescue Society responded to a call and rushed to the water source in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra state. A team member called Hrishikesh climbed down the steep sides of the well and walked up to the large, venomous reptile. At first, he was unable to catch the cobra as it kept escaping into the shallow water of the well. Team leader Akash Jadhav came up with a plan to end the stalemate. Using the rope that was tied to Hrishikesh’s harness, they swung the cobra towards the rescuer, who then caught it. The snake was then hauled up to safety and later released in the wild. "The snake was shedding its skin and its eyes had turned cloudy. As its vision was temporarily impaired, it was very aggressive and the silt added to the danger. But our man held his nerve and saved the snake,” said Jadhav.