Rescuers recover bodies buried in Kharkiv rubble

STORY: Lidya Krylova had to wait almost three months for the body of her son, Sasha, to be recovered from the apartment she shared with him in the residential area of northern Kharkiv.

"My phone in the living room rang," she said, "I had not even managed to read the message which warned against an air raid, when everything fell from the ceiling on me."

Sasha, 43, was killed in the beginning of March after the apartment on the 15th floor of a high-rise building at the city's Gorizont district was hit by a Russian missile.

Krylova's next door neighbor Oksana, whose husband and in-laws driven by hunger, left the safety of a basement bomb shelter for their flat on the 15th floor of the building. But they never made it as far as the kitchen, all died at the entrance hall hit by a shock wave of the exploding rocket.

"It is so sad to lose someone, someone you know, love, a relative," Oksana told Reuters.

Kharkiv suffered heavy bombardment from the very start of the Russian invasion on Feb 24 which left the city of 1.5 million a wasteland of ruined buildings and debris.

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