Rescuer struggles to save drowning dog from 70-feet deep well in western India

A stray dog fell into 70-foot deep irrigation well on Aurangabad road at Ahmednagar, India on Tuesday (June 16).

A local resident called animal rescuer Akash Jadhav, who went with his team to rescue the dog.

The poor animal had struggled to stay afloat and was precariously holding onto a slippery rock.

“It was exhausted and extremely stressed. It would have drowned if a concerned resident had not called us on time,” said Akash Jadhav.

A team member, Nawaj Shaikh, got down the well with the help of a harness and tried to scoop up the dog with a butterfly net. But the terrified animal eluded the net several times and went back to clinging on to the rock.

Working patiently after nearly an hour of rescue effort, Nawaj managed to net the dog which was pulled up by other members of the rescue team.

As soon as they let the dog loose, it ran to its freedom without turning back.