Rescued turtle found with gut full of trash

A young green turtle defecated almost a dozen of bits of plastic and trash from its tiny stomach after being rescued in a fishing net off the coast of Argentina.

The turtle, about 35 centimeters long, expelled a total of 18 grams of plastic fragments ​such as nets, plastic caps, styrofoam, nylon, and cellophane, according to vets.

"When the animal was isolated in these pools, we saw that it quickly began to eliminate a large amount of plastic waste in its feces. We were impressed by the amount of plastic it excreted in such a short time due to the small size of the animal," said Karina Alvarez, a biologist at the Mundo Marino Foundation.

​Despite the turtle releasing a large amount of waste, x-rays revealed a blockage of debris in the animal's intestines. It continues under treatment at the rescue center of Mundo Marino foundation.

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