Rescued sea turtles 'poop plastic' after detox

STORY: Marine biologists say these rescued green turtles pooped plastic

Location: San Clemente del Tuyu, Argentina

…and it’s not uncommon

(Vanesa Traverso, Biologist):

The turtles arrived, they were put in pools and their swimming was measured to check it was normal. Luckily it was normal. They are herbivorous, so we fed them algae, and one of them began to defecate plastic. Luckily, it

wasn't too much. Some 96% of the turtles that enter the center defecate plastic.

The two turtles were rescued after

they became entangled in fishing nets

They spent a month in animal

rehab at the Fundacion Mundo Marino

Both underwent blood tests and X-rays

before being released back into the ocean