Rescued Parakeet Dozes Under Volunteer's Shirt Collar

Being cute all day long sure can be tiring.

A rescued monk parakeet was all tuckered out at the La Senda Verde animal sanctuary in Yolosa, Bolivia, and so took a quick snooze under a volunteer’s shirt collar.

The volunteer in question, biologist Natalia Cara de Medeiros, filmed the sweet interaction. She said that the bird was rescued from wildlife smugglers.

“This adorable parakeet was taken to the wildlife refuge, but it was most likely kept as a pet beforehand, so it is accustomed to humans and, being a social animal, craves interaction, trying to befriend its caretaker,” de Medeiros said. “The problem with humanized animals is that they are usually condemned to a life in captivity, as they would approach people if released, and wouldn’t survive in the wild. It does look absolutely adorable trying to take a nap under a shirt collar, though!” Credit: Natalia Cara de Medeiros via Storyful

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