Rescued Juvenile Spider Monkey Plays in Handler’s Lap

A juvenile spider monkey was captured adorably playing in its handler’s lap at a wildlife sanctuary in Yolosa, Bolivia.

Footage filmed by Natalia Cara de Medeiros in December shows the young spider monkey rolling around her lap at Al Sende Verde animal refuge.

De Medeiros told Storyful that this particular spider monkey was a victim of animal trafficking, having lost his mother to poachers. He was lucky enough to be rescued by the animal sanctuary.

“Because he had to be hand-raised at a wildlife refuge, he has become very accustomed to people and, unfortunately, won’t be able to be released back into the wild,” she told Storyful.

“There are many other monkeys there, and he is as happy as he could possibly be, playing around all day and being silly,” she added. Credit: Natalia Cara de Medeiros via Storyful