Rescued Goat Preciously Reacts To Meeting Her Human At School

Judie is a rescue goat who was never meant to live a full life as she is. She was born with serious neurological issues and would require veterinary care and attention that the farmer who owned her could not give her. Judi was a goat who was bred for profit and this rendered her useless. But Jennifer and Jim, who own an animal sanctuary called Black Dog Farm and Rescue (Texas) found her and they knew that she deserved a chance to run and play in a meadow and to feel the warmth of the sunshine on her face. They brought Judi back to their sanctuary and worked with her daily to help her walk and gain strength. Judi needs physical therapy, massage, veterinary care, and love from a gentle hand. Judi immediately bonded with Jennifer and Jim's daughter , Kennedy and the two became inseparable. Judi became accustomed to having Kennedy around all day and she became upset when Kennedy left for school in the fall each day. Jennifer decided to bring Judi to school to meet Kennedy. She might have been the only goat to be chauffeured to school to meet her person. Judi lets out a bleat of delight when she sees Kennedy approaching and the two friends greet each other through the window in the most adorable way. Kennedy is not sure if she is forgiven for being away at school and leaving Judi behind. She thinks Judi has her ears back out of resentment. But a little cuddle time on the back porch at home assures Kennedy that all is forgiven as Judi falls asleep contentedly.