Rescued dog Happy dies from kidney failure, canine welfare group planning grand send-off

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, October 1 — Rescued dog Happy a mixed-breed canine died yesterday morning due to kidney failure after nine years of being loved and cared for.

Happy was a stray puppy when she was taken under the care of local dog welfare group, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) back in 2013.

Speaking to Malay Mail, MDDB founding director Wani Muthiah shared that despite Happy’s large wound on her face, she was described as a very friendly and warm girl who has brought joy to many.

Volunteers at MDDB were taken aback by news of Happy's passing as many personally bonded with the canine over the years.

“We were very close because she needed a lot of personal care initially, and a lot of our volunteers used to go to the veterinary clinic every day for nine months because of the extensive wounds on her face.

“A lot of our volunteers used to visit her at the vet two times a day in that nine month, take her for a walk and all that.

“Despite the big festering wound on her face, she was very happy. Whenever people go near her, she would be very excited and that’s why we decided to call her Happy,” she said.

According to Wani, Happy initially was found with a severe face injury which turned into a nasty maggot-infested wound, by a 15-year-old boy in Johor who contacted Wani, begging for the puppy to be rescued.

Happy was around five-months-old at that time and was believed to have been abandoned by her family because of her wounds.

Wani arranged for a pet taxi to pick Happy up and she was sent to a veterinary hospital in Petaling Jaya where she underwent her recovery for the next nine months.

“She likes being around people and she loves being around other dogs as well. Since then, wherever we go, we will bring her with us because she’s been a good public relation officer for us.

“Some dogs we cannot take because we’re afraid they might snap but some dogs are just happy to be around humans and Happy is one of them.”

During her duties as the ‘public relation officer’ for MDDB, Happy formed a close relationship with the renowned disabled activist, the late Peter Tan.

Tan, who was a good friend of Wani, would often visit MDDB’s adoption drives and that’s where he first met Happy.

“When she saw him, she immediately walked up to him. There were so many other dogs there, but Peter took to her.

“Both of them became very friendly with each other and whenever they meet, she will get very excited.

“Every time there’s an event with Happy, Peter will come,” Wani said.

Tan passed away on September 23 last year due to multi-organ failure.

Happy shared a special bond with the late renowned disabled activist, Peter Tan. — Picture courtesy of MDDB 
Happy shared a special bond with the late renowned disabled activist, Peter Tan. — Picture courtesy of MDDB

Happy shared a special bond with the late renowned disabled activist, Peter Tan. — Picture courtesy of MDDB

In memory of Happy, MDDB is currently raising funds for Happy’s grand send-off before laid to rest at the columbarium in Nirvana Kuala Lumpur as they already have a couple of their landmark dogs there.

The suggestion which was shared on MDBB’s Facebook has garnered positive response from the public as most of them have been following Happy’s progress throughout the years.

Wani added that a local pet funeral service provider, Pet Memorial Service, offered their most expensive funeral package for Happy for free of charge, however Wani had to decline as it does not offer columbarium services.

For those looking to donate toward Happy’s grand send-off, you can do so by banking-in to Public Bank Account 3201440806 under the name MDDB Canine Welfare Project Bhd along with the reference ‘Happy’.