Rescued cub prepares for life back in Kashmir wild

This cub narrowly escaped being sold for "bear baiting"

Daboo was discovered scrawny, infected, and with scabies

Poachers had cut his ears in preparation for the blood sport

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

(SOUNDBITE) (English) CHAIRPERSON, ISLAMABAD WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT BOARD (IWMB), RINA S. SATTI, SAYING:"We heard the incident happened in Azad Kashmir, near the Line of Control, and the poachers picked him up, put him in a little sack. He hadn't even opened his eyes yet, he was still a little baby bear cub. And they brought him to Rawalpindi. So these animal lovers - and the story became viral later on, because they uploaded some of the images on to TikTok - and they basically, somehow managed to get to the poachers."

Handlers are now preparing to release him back into the wild

(SOUNDBITE) (Urdu) ISLAMABAD WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT BOARD (IWMB) CARETAKER, ANEES HUSSAIN, SAYING:"We will take him to his habitat, but we will not just leave him there. We will have to keep monitoring him for some time to ensure that he can survive there. Apart from that, a chip will also be installed in him so that we can monitor him and keep his record."

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