Rescued cow comes running when called by his name

Nigel is one of the loveable characters that have found their second chance at a magical sanctuary called Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas. He loves life and he loves the people who run the farm. Jennifer and Jim started this farm out of an extreme love for animals. It began with dogs, and particularly black dogs, who are much more likely to end up abandoned or euthanized than any other dogs. Then came the cats that also needed a loving home. And now, this amazing farm takes in dogs, cats, cows, hens, guinea pigs and any creature who needs love or medical care. Most of the animals who find their way here are unwanted, or their owners were unwilling or unable to provide the costly care that they require. Some need more effort than anyone else will put into their recovery. But almost every one thrives when it finds its way to this beautiful piece of paradise. Many of the animals here are made whole again and then taken to carefully selected forever homes. Some have been so badly abused that they need to heal and learn to trust again. When they are ready, they find a new life and a new chance with loving families. And a few will remain here forever, finding that this is where they belong. Nigel is one of those animals who will always live at Black Dog Farm and Rescue. When the pandemic hit, beef auctions were scarce in Texas and Nigel was no longer valuable to the farmer who owned him. Sadly, Nigel could not stay on a farm where the owner could not afford to feed him for nothing. The farmer approached this rescue and offered him up. It was an act of kindness that this gentle soul truly deserved. And Nigel has never looked back, He even has new best friends here and all his days are happy ones. Jennifer treats her animals like family and they respond to her gentle words and kind heart. When she calls Nigel, he runs happily to greet her, as we see in this video. Nigel is a cow full of playfulness and he even has a sense of humour. He is the perfect fit for the rest of the farm family. Black Dog Farm and Rescue gratefully accepts donations to help them work their little miracles. You can sponsor Nigel or any of the other animals here, or you can simply buy him a nice dinner or a new toy. Find Black Dog Farm and Rescue on Facebook and enjoy the stories and updates, or look into how you can help.