Rescue efforts underway as floods inundate southern China

STORY: In Yingde, located in China's most populous province of Guangdong, personnel in military uniforms were deployed to place sandbags along the banks of the Beijiang River. Authorities had raised the flood alert for the river to Level I, the highest, the official Xinhua news agency reported.

In Jiangxi province, authorities also raised a flood "red alert" after 485,000 people in nine districts were affected, Xinhua said. Rescuers were seen assisting people into speedboats and transporting them over floodwater.

This spell of heavy rain across southern provinces was expected to peak on Tuesday (June 21) and forecast to shift northward from Wednesday. The summer rainy season brings floods to China almost every year but environmental groups say climate change can bring heavier and more frequent downpours.

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