Rescue Cat Has Purr-fect Bedtime Routine for Fellow Felines

A rescue cat seems to have taken up the role of feline masseur at his home in Bacoor, Philippines, with recently shared footage showing him “giving massages to his friends before bedtime,” according to owner.

Bam-bam the cat was rescued by Arbielan Dacquel, alongside other strays. In the video, recorded by Dacquel, the ginger tabby can be seen pawing the back of a white cat in what looks like a carefully executed massage.

Dacquel told Storyful that he regularly adopts stray cats and dogs who are abandoned outside his village, and makes sure that they are treated “as family.” Bam-bam joined the family as a malnourished and hungry kitten.

“Bam-bam is not trained. I don’t know, it’s just natural from him,” Dacquel said of the massaging. “He’s the only one doing it, and other cats love it.” Credit: Arbielan Dacquel via Storyful

Video transcript

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