Republicans ‘high on their own supply’ of election lies, says MSNBC host

Former President Donald Trump  (AP)
Former President Donald Trump (AP)

MSNBC host Ari Melber quoted the movie Scarface and said that Republicans had bought into too many of their own lies about the 2020 presidential election.

Melber spoke on Thursday evening about how Republicans faced massive electoral defeats in Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia and noted how the Republican Party is now in thrall to the wing that supports former president Donald Trump and his lies about the 2020 election.

“The fact that the Trump wing of the party embraced denialism has hurt the party's ability to get anywhere near competitive,” he said. “If you're watching this and want a healthy democracy, that's a bad thing. If you're watching and want Republicans to keep losing elections you're hoping they keep making this mistake.”

Melber then played a clip from the movie Scarface wherein Elvira Hancock, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, said “Lesson two, don’t get high on your own supply.”

The line comes after Democratic Gov Andy Beshear won re-election, Ohio voted to enshrine abortion rights in its constitution and Democrats flipped the Virginia House of Delegates, preventing an 15-week abortion ban that the Republican Gov Glenn Youngkin campaigned on.

“You could be dealing, you could be lying, you could be giving into others, but when you start dealing to yourself, when you and your own team are getting high, losing your sense of reality, losing your sobriety, politically and otherwise, well, you really played yourself,” he said.

“Trump pushed the party into spending years high on its own supply, demanding it, making it a kind of litmus test that future candidates running in related elections had to get high on his supply and pretend he didn't even lose the race he lost,” Melber said.

He then proceeded to play clips from Fox News with hosts fretting about Republicans losing on the issue of abortion.

“Those are folks standing up and saying ‘hey, this has been a narrative, a lie, a high claim about a bunch of stuff from Donald Trump’s losses to other policy issues with a bunch of people getting high together and telling themselves stories that aren’t true that are hurting themselves,’” he said.