After reports of cheating husband, Malaysian songstress Fish Leong ends marriage

Sylvia Looi
Malaysian singer Fish Leong has finally admitted she is divorced from her husband wine merchant Tony Chao. The couple will be sharing custody for their five-year-old son Anderson. — Picture via Instagram/ fishleong616

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 10 — After keeping mum for over a month about her marital status, Malaysian songstress Fish Leong finally admitted she is divorced from her husband.

Leong made the announcement during a promotional event in Taipei on Sunday.

“Correct. I have signed the papers with Mr Chao,” said Leong in reference to her ex-husband wine merchant Tony Chao.

Leong said she initially thought she would be able to undergo the process quietly.

As for the couple’s five-year-old son Anderson, Leong said they would be having joint custody and it would be up to the boy where he wants to stay.

Asked whether the divorce was because Chao had cheated on her, Leong’s manager said:

“We do not need to go into details on this!”

Before speaking to the media, Leong was serenading fans with songs from her new album.

After finishing with the songs, she suddenly turned her back and the emcee of the event rushed to hug her.

News had leaked that Leong and Chao signed the divorce papers on August 15 with the decision of shared custody for their five-year-old son Anderson.

It was also reported that the couple’s marriage had been facing problems from six months ago due to Chao’s previous affair.

Chao had brushed off that report and said it was common for couples to have arguments.

During a promotional stint in July at Malaysia, Leong’s management company barred media from asking personal questions.

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