Reporter Uses Stormy Daniels’ Testimony On Spanking Trump To Defend Print Journalism

Porn actor Stormy Daniels has been called a lot of names in her career, but an endorser of print journalism isn’t one of them.

That is, until Thursday, when Wall Street Journal reporter Molly Ball made the case for Daniels based on her recent testimony during Donald Trump’s hush money case that she spanked the former president with a magazine during their alleged sexual encounter in 2006.

On Tuesday, Daniels said that she was asked to go to dinner with Trump, and his bodyguard arranged for her to meet the then-reality TV show star at his hotel room.

They never went to dinner, and Daniels said there was some initial awkwardness between the two before she grabbed a magazine with Trump’s face on it and spanked him, which led to a two-hour chat.

But Ball saw something bigger in what Daniels did to Trump and shared her thoughts on it in a panel appearance on CNN.

After legal analyst Elliot Williams explained why Daniels had to testify about her sexual encounter with Trump, Ball suggested Daniels spanking the presumptive GOP presidential nominee was actually a testament to print journalism and the unsung benefits it offers.

“You know, we have to have these objects around us. You can’t do that with a phone. You can’t do that with a computer,” she said. “You need magazines, you need print journalism. And it’s a ringing endorsement.”

You can see the exchange (and the laughter that followed) below.