Report: Sabah cops on manhunt for convicted Filipino murderer who fled towards Semporna

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 30 — Sabah police have tightened its borders following news that a convicted murderer named Alnazar Jalilul who escaped from jail in southern Philippines was heading to Semporna on the northern Borneo state’s east coast.

Sabah police chief Datuk Idris Abdullah said Malaysia is on alert after receiving notification from its Philippine counterpart, The Star reported last night.

“We got information of Alnazar’s alleged escape to Sabah on October 27 and immediately launched an operation to check on it.

“However, as of now there is no confirmation of the fugitive actually entering and hiding in Semporna as suspected,” he was quoted saying.

The Star reported that the fugitive broke out of the Tawi-Tawi prison on September 26 and after weeks of search operations, Philippine authorities spotted Alnazar with Haibin Mubin — who is also on the Eastern Sabah Security Command wanted list — in Sitangkai in the Philippines earlier this month.

Idris was reported saying that Haibin was eventually shot dead during a raid on October 16.

Alnazar is believed to have fled to Semporna — where he reportedly has relatives and friends — on a speedboat after Haibin’s death.